Welcome to our new normal: two posts a week, making better use of both time and resources available with smart use of time and space. Mostly right now it’s time that’s being optimised, but later this week the surrounding space will be getting an upgrade. It’s 90% cosmetic, but will prepare the ground for both video and audio production improvements. I planned to do this far earlier in the year… but we all know what happened then.

What’s the plan? Well, right now we’re starting small. Five minutes a week on the blogs, probably 10-15 minutes a month on Wobbly Adjective, which a Patreon-only reward. Once that’s notionally organised better, I’ll start making videos for poetry. After THAT, we might try mucking about a bit but honestly, that’s quite a long way down the line. I realised quite soon after confidently predicting that all things were possible back in May that, realistically, that’s not really true.

I’m happy to admit that to the room now and move forward.

Right now, I’m playing with visuals a lot more than I’d first thought would be the case at the start of the year. I’m never going to make it as a traditional artist, but there’s potential in graphic design. That part of my soul’s been active for many decades. Maybe this is the moment to stop pissing about as much as I do and make something worthwhile. There’re some avenues that are available to pursue. Let’s see what happens.

I don’t also have a September game plan for Instagram either. Perhaps full on imagery is the way.

That might be a plan…

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