Today I’m finally opening up the COMPLETELY FREE Newsletter Content area to those of you sensible enough to subscribe to the free, monthly mail-out. It contains stuff that will go live on site starting the 21st, so in this regard you’re getting bone fide exclusive gubbins five days ahead of everybody else, but not as exclusively as my Patreon subs, who knew all about this yesterday. The future, as is becoming increasingly apparent, hinges around marketing.

It is, like it or now, now up to me to make my own living through at least some of my output. All writers have their side-hustles, and it is only those very privileged few who’ll see people starting bidding wars for their work. For everybody else, the reality is a lot of hard graft and often several jobs to make ends meet. I’m faced therefore with hard choices when it comes to work and what now gets prioritised. I’m pretty much fully booked until the second week of October.

That means starting to be very organised about how the work/life balance pans out.

The monthly newsletter is a continuing success story, and I feel it is really important to keep providing content for it, away from everything else that is produced. It is working well as I’ve reduced output here to two posts a week. It is also becoming increasingly difficult to maintain this, the Patreon AND my personal site too, which means during our scheduled downtime in December some thought is going to be given to how those sites operate going into 2021 and beyond.

This is also the moment I urge you, if you’ve not already, to sub to the Newsletter. A lot is potentially going to happen at once going forward and I’d hate for you to miss out on the important details. As a promise to my Newsletter faithful, they will get the details well ahead of here. The only guaranteed way of hearing them live, literally as they happen however remains becoming a Patron. You can click here to do that too.

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