I feel more poetry should have a participative element...

Poem #1

the statement, to do everything differently from the beginning.

I owe many debts of gratitude to those people who helped this debut pamphlet become a reality: Barbara and Darren at Dragonfly Press, Dr Kim Moore and Damien Donnelly for their superb blurbs, all those people in Zoom Rooms over the last few years who have listened to me read. However, one person deserves special thanks.

I’d like to nod appreciatively at Jonathan Davidson, whose idea that was first encountered in his book A Commonplace I am now adapting with a digital slant. This space explains why these poems came into being: their significance to me and my life, and the people and events that inspired them to become reality.

This is a process that will happen with all work that has my name on it going forward. It saves me having to bore people with it in readings. The important background is never lost, and you can pick and choose what it is you want to know. The choice is yours.

There’s also likely to be some extracurricular material here too.
Because I can, mostly.

I still can’t swim. It’s a long story. However, I remember the film…
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