It’s a Protein Bar. It’ll make sense.

Poem #18

Did I mention I love hunting for fossils?

There are a lot of unhealthy obsessions in my life, if we’re going to be honest. Movies and TV. Genre shiz. Protein bars. Video Games. It’s a long list, but most of them are kept under tight control. I also get really lost in the history of the Universe. We are tiny, miniscule specs on this Planet’s massive timeline, and yet we’re destroying the whole thing with blithe stupidity.

This is one of the four poems I wrote on a correspondence course in November and December of last year, and it’s almost as if I’m reading someone else’s work. It doesn’t feel like mine, and when looking for work to include in the pamphlet the first thought was ‘well, that’s quite clever and science-y, let’s shove it in’

Imposter Syndrome is a big deal for me on many days, especially when faced with the brilliance of other people’s ability close up. However, it gets easier to know the good work from the average. That means, I think, we’re making progress as a person as well as a poet.

The history of this planet is a lot bigger than you can comfortably conceive:

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