Me, drawn by my youngest Offspring, earlier in 2022.

Poem #17

This poem was a game changer.

This is the other work that’s been submitted to I do not know how many places since Version 1 came into being. It is notable for being the first time I was able to write exactly what was going on in my head at the time. It had to be included in this collection for that reason alone.

Then it was read at a spectrum of Open Mic events. Every time I did, the desire to read it in a Yorkshire accent just rose and would not leave me alone. Finally, during my digital launch, the poem was done proper justice. It became the thing I’d been scared to repeat until that precise moment. It remains a moment of true empowerment.

I’m not doing this for the same reasons a lot of other people are. It’s not about anything except making me happy at present. This poem makes me unbelievably happy because, like it or not, it is a perfect encapsulation of where existence lives… between quantum theory and a constant craving for sugar.

If you wonder which Jeff I’m referring to in the poem?

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