Experiments in perfect peeling…

Poem #14

The Universe is fucking awesome.

There are a couple of poems in this collection that have been rejected countless times. This has the most to its name, a whopping fifteen. On reflection, it doesn’t fit anywhere else. As a portion of my work touches on both bisexuality and neurodiversity, most don’t have a clue where either it, or I, should live.

Right now, there is no need to wave these ideas in people’s faces, but simultaneously, if you want to understand what I am, those facets are indivisible from the greater whole. Other poets use these qualities in different proportions. The fractal shapes may appear to be the same, but our contents are crucially different.

Two poems in this collection have black holes at their core. There is also a whole plethora of science and science fiction related poetry waiting out there, just beyond my reach, waiting for an exploratory spaceship to encounter and uncover. Its time will come. Oh yes.

No two poets are exactly alike. Welcome to the Fractal World…

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