More patterns in the ether, or is there something hidden within…?

Poem #9

Everybody is trying to sell you something.

Indoctrination takes many forms. For some it’s denial, or exclusion. For others, it’s the belief that life is exactly the same as it was when they were 18, or at a pivotal or particularly successful portion of their existence. Life, like it or not, is unlikely to remain the same for the entirety of your inhabitance within it.

With the purchase of Twitter very much front and centre in my mind right now, it is apparent that the lies we are told by companies, organizations, institutions and governments are all part of the same long-term plan to keep eyes off the real prizes. Activism and happiness are a lot closer to each other than many might believe.

It’s not somebody else’s job to educate you. Listen to the ‘donkeys’ online as much as you like, but always remember it’s not the whole story. The best minds live with a healthy, questioning output, and never remain closed for too long. Be curious, be mindful, and ALWAYS be kind.

The Internet can teach you a phenomenal amount of useless shit... or, it can change your life. That choice, as always, is yours alone to make.

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