Caution, filling is hot.

The Interests Bit

What do they do when they’re not writing poetry?

There is a lot of time in the Gym (which we’ll talk about more later) and increasing amounts of effort funnelled into talking about mental health to other people. I enjoy being an advocate, and it grants me an incredible amount of personal satisfaction. There are still video games too, but not nearly as many as used to be the case.

I started a Substack in November, which has taken me back to the brief period of my life when I was paid to write about World of Warcraft. It’s an odd time for me in terms of securing interest and promoting my work right now. However, the options available are interesting and compelling enough to pursue.

I’m a MASSIVE sci-fi fan, which should also be apparent by a couple of the poems here, and I love collecting and reading about fossils, exploring Egyptology and enlightening myself about Philosophy. Oh, and I adore music, across all genres and eras. Music is what drives so much of my daily existence.

Oh yeah and cake. Don’t forget cake.

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