Center Parks, Elveden Forest, February 2019

Poem #12

Mental health underpins a phenomenal amount of my work.

If you were going to sum up what I do, in a sentence, it would go something like this: “The feeling of Difference in a Normal world” There are so many instances and particular circumstances where I am awkward, uncomfortable and simply not at peace in reality as everybody else perceives it. Neurodivergence is what it is.

Nowhere is this more obvious than when I speak about my issues with how the world looks and sounds, how I can easily overload on sensory input, how confrontation can and does cause regression and panic. It’s a long and complicated history that brings me to here.

This poem is dedicated to Dr Kim Moore. They alerted me to the truth about white space in poems: what it can show, but crucially what it is capable of hiding. That’s the most frightening thing of all, not the darkness itself, or the light on its own, but the points where the two intersect. Nobody can hear what I can, here…

Here’s a series of seven poems I made earlier this year about Loneliness.

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