Some famous bloke, in Chelmsford, Essex.
Clearly not THAT famous or I’d know who he was…

Poem #4

I have lived a large portion of my life online…

A number of these poems were inspired by actual posts on Twitter. Many people love to make it their business to tell you how the place is a Hellsite and frankly, nothing useful ever comes from there. I am 100% living, breathing proof that this is utter bollocks.

Over the last five years, Twitter has been the main means by which I have connected with other creatives. When venues shut down, just as I was ready to try and begin a spoken word career, Zoom Open Mics became a lifesaver and the means by which I could connect with lit mags and submissions.

Without Twitter, this pamphlet would not have been possible, because I would never have met the Dragonflies guys and there would have been no chance to impress them. Anyone who tells you social media has no value is not seeing the bigger picture. Trust me: goodness is everywhere.

So, just to prove the point, here’s the original Tweet that inspired the poem:

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