I do enjoy a nice bit of repetition, me…

Poem #2

— A poem directly inspired by this meme, seen on Twitter.

There are a number of titles in this selection that were written during Lockdown, which were directly inspired by the social media being consumed at the time. The meme then immediately sparked the recall of another beach scene: the final frames of that iconic 1968 movie, Planet of the Apes.

An obsession at the time with the beauty of that image completely ignored the environmental catastrophe that had created it. It seemed oddly metaphorical, too, but at distance I begin to wonder. Do people really accept the significance of disaster like this, or does it need to happen up close to make an impact?

I’ve driven past Point Dume: it’s off the Pacific Highway (Route 1) and can be found north-west of Los Angeles, on the Malibu coastline. The graphic that illustrates this poem is made up of multiple Statues of Liberty. The chaos is, it must be said, quite attractive.

I’m a massive science fiction fan, and there are a number of poems in this collection with a science fiction thread running through them. My favourite author is Iain Banks, though I have a fondness for John Wyndham, who I read in secondary school.

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