Me using the Thames Estuary as Therapy, 2022.

Poem #13

What you see on the page is pretty much what I am.

A new friend of mine (who like so many was met on social media) told me recently that it’s quite apparent that when I write a poem, everything that’s me is on the page. This is a massive compliment: I’m not just using these words to tell stories or organize a view of the world. In many cases, they are assisting me getting a handle on what the fuck is going on at any given moment.

This poem was written whilst I was involved in a quite bonkers writing period last year, when I didn’t know some people still ‘teach’ in the manner of a correspondence course. As it transpires, there wasn’t a duff poem written in that 12-week period. Above Below, problem; solving and More all came from that course.

There is an increasing refusal to compromise on content going forward, and if there is reticence towards how I work, it is of decreasing concern. If someone else is offended by what I write? That’s their problem and not mine. Life’s too short to not be yourself, but you can and must be kind as you do so.

Those two mindsets can exist together, too, if you allow them.

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