I am very glad to have no further part in either Instagram or Facebook. That is a story for another pamphlet…

Poem #6

Some days, I am not a good parent. I was often not a good parent in the past.

Social media has become a place where arbitrary judgement comes as standard. It doesn’t matter which version you use, either: somebody somewhere could very well be looking at your lifestyle and deciding it’s really not all that. That’s what happens when you choose to share in public.

Often there is a desire just to ignore the clickbait, for that really is all a lot of this stuff is built to be, building other people’s brands and often driving highly suspect moral agendas. Also, despite what a lot of people will tell you, it was great back when they were kids. In fact, it was way, WAY worse than it is now.

With Artemis currently in space as I write this, taking pictures of the far side of the moon, it seems even more important now to remember the first TV pictures I accurately recall as a child. You’ll be amazed what kids DO remember, too. Sometimes, it’s stuff that they really wish they could forget forever.

Again, this poem is directly inspired by a Tweet, which I cannot now access as the OP now restricts his views. Here, instead, is the screenshot I took and saved in Evernote at the time, when the account was not locked:

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