Red January, 2020, in the last days before COVID hit…

Poem #15

Having a plan is really helpful.

I do my very best to learn something every day. It seems that it would be a much poorer world if all the stuff around me was summarily ignored because somehow I knew better. Let’s be honest, maybe one day in ten is where everything works. The long term aim is to get that down to one day in seven.

Having objectives is also really useful. That means trying to stick to the schedule and follow the system, even when the outcome is less than satisfactory. That is also getting easier. The more you practice, the better life becomes, and the more likely I am to remember the keys in the last place I left them than flailing and panicking.

Some days, however, try as you might, nothing works. Ironically, the next poem in the pamphlet came from exactly one of those days. However hard you try and work well, occasionally it is a prerequisite to throw away the game plan and just wing it…

Number 3. Time management, which is an absolute game changer.

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