This is the wiring that was sunk in a downstairs wall to accommodate the first time we’d ever stuck a TV up in the air. The complexity was impressive and very aesthetically pleasing.

Poem #5

How much of your poetry is autobiographical?

A surprising amount, as it transpires. In fact, if you look closely enough, it is possible to work out exactly when and where a lot of my work was written, in the context of larger, life-changing moments. A number of poems in this pamphlet were written during major house reconstruction during 2021.

I used poetry in CBT to explain to a therapist many moments that could not be discussed using normal language. Now poetry has other uses, especially in the quiet times when I wake, or before I sleep. There have often been moments when, lying in bed, all I can do is think of things as poems.

This was one of those moments. Also, in the interests of full disclosure, I snore far more loudly than my husband has ever done. So, his inclusion here is purely as part of a larger narrative, and not as a sly poke that he keeps me awake. Most of the time, I’m the culprit in that department. I’m quite a catch, me.

I should probably do summat about this, in fairness…

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