A lot of new things have begun on Patreon in 2021, and I do mean A LOT. The episodic fiction and flash fiction pieces have remained, having bedded in nicely after three months. It’s not yet the right space in which to LANzine full-time; that will however return when the moment is right (probably as specials during the year when I need to fulfil a creative itch). That has facilitated therefore a tranche of NEW FEATURES including audio, extra bonus video and… art criticism.

No, really, hear me out.

2021 is the year when horizons are expanded in lots of different directions, which includes philosophy at weekends, plus considering my thoughts and ideas on why art matters so much to me, because it does. I was a graphic artist for two decades before my kids were born, and although there are only neophyte fine art skills thus far, a good font combination when presented is truly beautiful. The golden ratio is grasped and applied in photography. None of this is news, and now it’s time to start deepening that knowledge.

Therefore, I’ve added a portion of art exploration and criticism to Patreon. It’s available to everybody on subscription and I hope it might encourage interest on a wider stage. We’re not just talking about painting and all that stuff you find in museums either. Just about everything around you contains an artistic element within it. Knowing how mathematics fits into this too is really rather crucial, because there is undoubted beauty in chaos and confusion. Understanding why that is remains really important in order to grasp the overall significance of what makes us happy.

Let’s see if a combination of art and philosophy is the key to my own personal renaissance…

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