I’ve come to the conclusion that this website totally isn’t doing what it should do any more.

It’s also become virtually impossible to post anything successfully to Social media without there being an issue using this template, which is frustrating in the extreme, especially when a site is supposed to be the place that advertises your wares. I’d hoped the changes that needed to be made could be finished by the end of February, but looking at what needs to be done, it will take me a wee bit longer.

If you’re a Newsletter subscriber you’ll know I promised a March relaunch, but honestly that’s not going to happen, and as it is impractical to just turn everything off to fix stuff? I’m going to work through March as well, with a plan to be finished by the 31st. Even I won’t relaunch on April 1st, especially this year. This should hopefully give me plenty of time to get everything rearranged properly and to my liking, and to finally streamline both Patreon and online purchasing stuff in one sensible spot.

Once there’s a clear idea of my timelines, I’ll be back with you, I’d expect to be ready this time next week 😀

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