Right, had planned to do this starting Monday. Today however has presented a peach. It would be foolish not to capitalize.

#1 in a series of How to Improve your Twitter Gameplay: Don’t Just Follow ANYBODY…

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Random people will reply to anything. When they reply to YOUR Tweet, you have three choices:

1. Ignore them
2. Do some Homework, then ignore/follow them
3. Follow them

Now, some might argue that it’s just easier to do either 1 or 3 and move on. No, you should ALWAYS DO 2.

The lucky few can never follow anyone. Most of us do an exchange of worth/energy calculation at some point in the process. I know many want to follow everybody: my limit is about 600 or so. After that, my brain just implodes, but this is not my story, we’re talking Best Practice.

Increasing numbers of professionals I know just mute and block anyone who looks shifty, they don’t even bother. I get this completely. Life really is too short. However, you can learn valuable lessons by checking who you are talking to before the conversation starts:

– Do they have pictures in their profile
– How many people do they follow
– How many people follow them
– When was the last time they tweeted
– If they have links in their bio, where do they go to
– Who were the last 10 people they followed
– What’s in their ‘media’ section

Unless it’s someone I know or someone who’s clearly being an adult on twitter dot com, I will not put finger to keys without having checked out all of these first.

Honestly, when was the last time you checked who you’re following?

Old accounts are often hijacked and used to spam cryptocurrency ads, or magically alter to become porn bots. That moment when you can’t work out why you’re losing followers? More than likely, Twitter found robot accounts and deleted them. It shouldn’t be their job.

Mostly, I’m here to point out that as the New year has begun, why not check your followers and following lists and have a bit of a clearout?

If that means losing me, all preachy and suggesting you need to do the work once in a while?


Here endeth the first Guide: I’ll be saving these from Twitter, more for reference for myself than anything else.


Originally tweeted by Another 🗨️ Reeson 💭 to start 2022 💬 STRONGER (@InternetofWords) on January 1, 2022.

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