Every day in 2022 I’ll post six lines of unique poetry on Twitter, and then archive it here for posterity with some additional observations. Here are the first two:

Everybody’s starting the year with good intentions. I have so many, but also know deep down that when I hit mid-February and cravings for the Old Ways become too seductive, I could buckle like a sapling in a hoolie. However, this particular plan works well, because currently the first thing I do 95% of the time every morning is write a poem anyway. This way, I can ensure that we up that total to 100%. Most days, I’m responding to someone else’s visual prompt:

I have a debt of gratitude to Dean which will, one day, be settled better than is currently the case. For now, we’re going to post Hashtag Poetry on a daily basis here. It’s like doing #Instaverse, but is considerably quicker and simpler because there is no need for the Alt text required on imagery to make this experience totally accessible. Of course, most people don’t even bother with it, but that’s not me any more. This way gives six lines of my poetry, and everybody can experience it.

I’d say that’s a Win all round.

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