Every day in 2022 I’ll post six lines of unique poetry on Twitter, and then archive it here for posterity with some additional observations. Here is Poem #19:

To be honest, I wrote the best response to this poem in another Tweet. Lemme go unroll it for you 😀

After 26 days of daily writing practice, I have been reduced to a sobbing, emotional wreck by a children’s story. The timing for me, of this, if I were a spiritual person, is not to be ignored. Maybe that’s a sign in itself. @ShareClaw [Poet Clare Shaw] should be doing voice-overs and audiobooks. When you shut yourself off to pain, so many other good, useful and cleansing emotions are also lost. You need to grieve, and rage, and hurt, because if you don’t those emotions destroy the sanctity of everything you are. It took a kids book this morning to point that out.

Feeling everything is a blessing and a curse, and it only now occurs to me that if that ability can be taught to function better, I will get so much more out of both my work and my own ability to interact with the world. Welcome to a New Idea, Brain 😀

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