There are no tags for this post. It won’t be shared on my social media, but if you want to do so, that’s absolutely fine. Some people will find it difficult to read as it’s not set with pictures and there will be no links to click, in order for me to increase my reach. The rationale for this is simple. There comes a point is everybody’s lives when you realize that something is missing, and when you live your life in the main online… that means knowing and finally accepting there must be moments when you’re not.

Even when I was in hospital, a few years ago, I was still online. It is something that, increasingly, must not be the case. Learning about yourself ultimately demands the ability to properly embrace what takes place during a change of circumstances, and as this is the first extended break I’ll have had since Lockdown began… it ought to be a break. That means not sharing it with an audience, and it being just mine. More significantly, it demands I find other ways to entertain myself when not constantly reacting to other people.

My phone this weekend will become a music player and a camera. After that, it is time to see what circumstance grants me as direction.

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