In what will be an occasional series, I’ll be taking some of the poetry I’m creating, editing and refining and posting it for a wider audience. As the Proper Bard Podcast begins explaining my own, personal chronology with poems, it is time to pull out some of my earliest experiments with words. This is from August 2018.

Thank you for reading.

Other People's Poems

My brain sees these words
yet cannot connect memories to meaning.
Complexity of construction;
subtleties lost, passing internal translation.
Give me decades to assimilate
such deconstructed wisdom
meaning has not passed neurones
slow-firing targets of attention.
They will ask for favourites
as panic rises, instant memory falters
no names to verses, simple ability
snatched from odd stanzas, recalled.
‘That bit with the thyroid, er…
their Mario poem… that’s all that I have.’

Bigger pictures after hundreds of readings
offer clarity, repetitive discipline 
granting significance chance of expansion.

I apologize for lack of comprehension,
yet will always respect
experiences of others.

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