In what will be an occasional series, I’ll be taking some of the poetry I’m creating, editing and refining and posting it for a wider audience. This poem was written on February 18th for inclusion on the Blue Door to the Cosmos Podcast, in specific response to the call for poetry inspired by storms, and especially Storm Eunice.

Thank you for reading.


Too much of this, reminder
squalls from times before, reigns
torn asunder as the lies
come crashing down: caught here
between pane and pleasure
watching water’s hate
batter without measure

the outsider's anger
pushing trees to bend
unto the will of that which won’t
allow a moment’s rest;
until this storm’s blown out
snuffed, erased, to haze
memories reminder

measuring reign’s water
hate batters without pleasure
the pain of being caught here
as trees come crashing down;
watching, torn asunder
reminder that all of this
in thrall of life, in time, soon over...

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