In what will be an occasional series, I’ll be taking some of the poetry I’m creating, editing and refining and posting it for a wider audience. This is the first of two poems I wrote this week and posted on Twitter first, as a reaction to an increasingly difficult and frustrating intersection of real-world events.

Thank you for reading.

Bottom Line

There is no one answer, and yet
back again comes balance, well aware
control never maintained without both sides.
There are many forms within enjoyment
only one will make you rich, as they avoid
all others that won’t boost the bottom line.
There will be trouble, when it demands
someone else as villain, crisp reminder
everybody’s coloured by their sins.
There might be an answer, when a question
does not involve that will to win
or to avoid the ones who’ll bleed in vain.

I am tired of your assertions, removing
that which will prevent your own ascent;

I see what you are selling
it reeks of bitter war:
the hollowest of arguments
as greed appoints more, poor

this time
you will be, too.

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