I was *supposed* to be doing something this week. It was something I was REALLY looking forward to. However, it has been cancelled.

It is always tough when plans change at short notice. Everything was organized, and I’d spent a fair bit of time managing the week so that the maximum amount of time could be spent working. In the absence of this now, the decision has been made to use the time I’d booked constructively doing other things. That means a combination of poetry, catching up on my backlog, and planning projects for the future. It would be foolish not to make the most of the situation I find myself in with the spaces already created.

Inevitably, not everything works out the way you would hope in life. The measure of my progress as an adult is now how such situations are dealt with. It will cause issues, as these things undoubtedly do, but intend to do my utmost to keep those things to a minimum. Let this be a way of moving forward in all things, and making positive changes to the whole of my creative practice.

If all else fails, I can eat crisps and play video games instead 😛

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