As life returns to normal, post-COVID infection, I thought it might be an idea to write some longer form poems for the next 30 days, to get me back into the business of routine. Fortunately, Twitter has provided an event for that: #NaPoWriMo, which is part of #NationalPoetryMonth.

Poem #6 is the first in a sequence of environmental works I created when I was doing what was a sizeable submission for the Gingko Prize but did not submit, because I’m pretty certain hitting people round the head with a poem until they bleed will not win me anything. Oh, well.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and please comment if you like this 😀

Mother Nature doesn't Give One

See a village, exclusively gated, rich condominiums, attractive, decorated both inside and out, located beneath a desirable, shoreline position; Mother Nature does not give one.

Why should Mother Nature give one
for the blight
a selfish afterthought
apes that came
then ruined everything
against their names.

Then, a community, built through centuries of graft and hardship, countless generations enjoying sunshine in the shadow of volcanic slopes; Mother Nature does not give one.

Mother Nature will never give one 
no need to appease 
problems wiped away by time, removed 
then begin again, to suit her needs.

Observe, the countless empty promises: reduce emissions, scale back farming, ban pesticides, ease consumption, remove plastics choking the oceans;

Mother Nature does not give a fuck
it's brutal, but it's true
because more importantly
neither yet do you.

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