As life returns to normal, post-COVID infection, I thought it might be an idea to write some longer form poems for the next 30 days, to get me back into the business of routine. Fortunately, Twitter has provided an event for that: #NaPoWriMo, which is part of #NationalPoetryMonth.

Day 7: doing NaPoWriMo means making an effort to pull out Poetry I’ve not seen for a while, and making it stronger. This poem was originally twice the size and really did not go anywhere. It’s a lot leaner now and to the point, but I still doubt it would be published because telling entitled people to do one is… well, pretty much a hiding to nothing. However, we persist.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and please comment if you like this 😀

Do Your Part

… in your gas guzzling behemoth four-wheel drive
as you consider, willingly running over 
a Climate Change protester
than sacrifice an inch of personal freedom.

… in your tiny, self-perpetuating world of innocence
recycling only when prompted by another
it’s far too late for you to make a difference
and you stopped caring many years ago…

… in your retirement cottage as it floods
keep on thinking that’s the better hill to die on
it never should have happened, now won’t go away
and you’d still attack a Climate Change protester...

this isn’t about money any more
instead, how much entitlement you’re owed.

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