As life returns to normal, post-COVID infection, I thought it might be an idea to write some longer form poems for the next 30 days, to get me back into the business of routine. Fortunately, Twitter has provided an event for that: #NaPoWriMo, which is part of #NationalPoetryMonth.

#23 was found in a place where I’m fairly certain I’d not intended to archive it, and as a result this has been unearthed after about three years.

Thank you for taking the time to read, and please comment if you like this 😀

The Final Frontier

Between hemispheres, big bang erupts unprompted;
non-binary futures, fractal wave
one touch,
together possibility, simple equation’s dynamic pressure:
could we launch, 
fall to Earth, for all time
or did last unseen stress break, undermine
love’s structural integrity, multi-stage possibility.

Become my mission, brief; exposing expectation’s need
universal constants dismissed
let us create existence, fresh, expand horizons beyond belief
alternate history
redefinition of anatomy, biology
science of reproduction summarily dispensed
complex pleasures, repeated, adequate recompense.

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