BRIEF: Pick a word, the more obscure the better, and then write a six line verse that includes it.

from the latin albus (“white”) +‎ -cracy

governance by white people, especially Europeans

[Additional Notes] Today was a grim day for women’s reproductive rights in the USA. As many of my friends live and work in the US or are living in the UK, it is depressing in the extreme to watch this play out. There for the grace of Deities go us… This was my reaction.

You Think

… this is a victory, their democracy, belief of right to life
each unborn child a man’s concern, every one that might
one day be turned into a warped idea of a second son:
that albocracy must maintain its hold, at whatever price
all those others will be forced to pay. Except, today, this is
all proof we require, to know all thought is only for the self …

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