I decided to do my Year in Review on Twitter this year because the way things are going? It might not exist in a year’s time. Therefore, I’ve used the ‘Unroll’ feature on WordPress to take all the info and transcribe it here for posterity. I wonder what the next Big Thing will be?

The INTERNET OF WORDS AGM begins at 10am.

The Conference Hall is now open, please help yourself to the complimentary (virtual) snacks. Now playing this selection of HIGH QUALITY TUNES

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Apologies for the late start, but Brenda from Accounts locked herself in the kitchen, and we needed to get Janitor Phil off his break to let her out.

GOOD MORNING and welcome to the AGM.

Firstly, apologies for absence:

I’ve got Google Calendar now and am trying my best.

So, here we go: The YEAR IN REVIEW.

It was fucking GREAT! The first four months of this year do actually seem like a lifetime ago, if I’m honest. April 5th was the BIG MOMENT.

I got my first headline gig thanks to @DragonfliesSW 😀

A poster for my Flight of the Dragonflies debut.

@theeabsentee @JulesJumping and @cov_art have all gone on to do rather well this year too, so all in all everybody’s a winner from those two gigs. That poster’s framed and up on the Poetry Room shelf, as a reminder that anything is possible if you want it enough.

Then, there was the PUBLISHING DEAL, thanks to the newly-formed (and very lovely) @FoD_Press. Here’s a video to celebrate my first time ‘In the Room’ with them, in Brighton 😀

In June, I also was lucky enough to act as Official DJ for @KendalPoetry and had my life and poetic direction distinctly altered. Here’s a video from that period as well:

There have been COUNTLESS Open Mic events this year: thank you to @pandemonialists @WordsworthGras @DragonfliesSW @CafeWriters and many others for having me this year. In 2023, I plan to try and do at least two virtual Open Mics per month. I have A LOT TO SAY.

… and then, I was lucky enough to get a Pamphlet deal 😀

Have you bought one yet?

Not sure if it’s for you? There’s a WHOLE WEBSITE of secondary material to check out! Here’s a review!

… and if that’s not enough, you can watch me PERFORM SOME POEMS right here.

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