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Last Update: September 24th

What a difference 24 days make. Welcome to an unexpected fork in the road. Normally your SatNav will let you know these things are approaching, but in this case? It’s a pleasant surprise I’ll take some time getting used to. You’ll be seeing these emojis above a bit as well going forward: they’re already live on the Twitter feed, and a longer explanation will be forthcoming in the middle of October. There is other stuff coming first, though.

October 1st sees my first ever appearance in an anthology of poetry.

I’ve been involved in the promotion of this project since its online launch last year, and have already done some media for the upcoming hardback release. When it appears, you’ll see it here. This work is also responsible for generating the fork in my personal roadmap. As yet, it’s still not clear if this represents a change in direction or not, but you’ll hear all about the process regardless. Watch this Space.

The site is updated on Tuesdays and Thursdays until further notice.

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