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Welcome to the Internet of Words Portal. When there is news relating to
my work, life or indeed any point in between? You will see it here first.
I also critically peer at other people’s poems and witter about writing.

The site is regularly updated, Monday to Friday.

This is also where #IoWTwitterShorts, Hashtag Poetry and #IoWDigitalPoetry
from the Internet of Words Twitter Feed is archived.

Read my two poems [Ring and London] in ‘Flights’ Magazine
[Ring is nominated for a ‘Best of the Web’ Award]
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Read the poem All that We Destroy in Green Ink Poetry’s ‘Pyres’ Collection
Click here to view on the Green Ink Website

Read the poem Famous Blue Metaphor for ‘Before I Turn into Gold’
an Online Leonard Cohen Anthology, produced by Fevers of the Mind
Click here to access the FOTM Website

Listen to my appearance on the ‘Eat the Storms’ Podcast
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Read my two poems featuring in the Acropolis Journal’s ‘Moon’ Issue
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Read my two prose poems featured on the Selcouth Station Blog:
Click here to read them on Selcouth Station

Read my three poems [You Assume a Lot] [Blues Explosion] and [ [Fifty]: /For]
in ‘Flights’ Magazine Issue 3
Click here to access the FoTD Website

Currently available on Anchor, Spotify Apple and Google: The Proper Bard Podcast

Order Curt; Urbane

My debut chapbook, published in November 2020
is now available to purchase.

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