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January 3rd

In December, the male members of my household contracted Covid, and both are now in recovery. This meant that a lot of what I intended to do during the last month was either curtailed or indefinitely delayed. I hope to return to a fully functioning online presence in the next month as a result. Watch this space for updates and more information.

Twice weekly blogs will appear on Tuesday and Thursdays, and we’ll archive/update outstanding content as soon as possible. Thank you for your understanding 😀

November 23rd

Content on the YouTube Channel continues apace: as well as my introductory video you’ll find an increasing amount of gubbins, including my attempt to begin weekly video blogging. We already had to miss a week because of Lockdown-related issues. Honestly, what’s a girl to do in this climate?

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The site is updated on Tuesdays and Thursdays until further notice.

Precarious Epithet : The Digital LANzine
Volume 1: Episode 7: In Organics, Wisdom
available to read November 17th

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A Journey in Digital Forms / An Exploration of Life, Online

October 18th

Here we are, finally at the stage I wanted to be in April. There will be a slow drip of poetry to the YouTube Channel across the next four months, including this introductory video plus the very real possibility *gasp* of VIDEO BLOGGING in the near future. All of this has only happened because of the continued generosity of my Patreon faithful. Your support and encouragement has propelled me through this year. I am incredibly grateful.

October 1st saw my first ever appearance in an anthology of poetry.

This work is in part responsible for generating a fork in my personal roadmap. As yet, it’s still not clear if that will represent a significant change in direction or not, but whatever happens you’ll hear all about the process regardless. Watch this Space.

September 1st

Finally, it’s no longer March. Autumn has arrived, and with it a change to operational procedures. This blog is now regularly updated on Tuesdays and Thursdays: this will hopefully lead to less stress and an up tick in output. We’re already preparing ourselves for NaNoWriMo in November with a completely new idea on the table for the first time in almost a decade. Yes, there is genuine excitement, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves…

Also, as the graphic above indicates, VIDEO IS INCOMING.

This month will see a rationalization of the existing online layout. Starting in 2021, I’ll be fulfilling my obligation from earlier this year to start adding some archive writing to the site from my forty or so years mucking about with words. Some old things will vanish forever. However, there are plans to put new things in their place. There’s also thought being given to a particular project I know many people may be quite interested in reading…

For now however, the site is very much a Work in Progress. Please watch your step.

August 15th

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We’re back, and it’s been one hell of a month away. You’ll have seen this graphic on the Instagrams last week: the collection that broke me was shortlisted \o/ If it had been successful, of course, we’d as yet be unable to talk about it, such are the intricacies of publishing. It’s a good thing therefore it wasn’t, because that collection’s now become the basis of new collections and different directions. Everything is recycled here, environmental friendliness front and centre.

You’ll be pleased to know that the two short stories that have filled our absence gap on Twitter are now up for your enjoyment, plus news on how things will be running here moving forward. We have a LOT of new ideas to present, and the acceptance that certain other ideas have run their course. Everybody around here could do with losing a portion of that excess body fat. I grasped the biometric scales readouts last Monday. You can’t escape the science.

Please continue to subscribe to the IoW Newsletter for full updates on what will be altering for the second half of 2020. You can do so via the pop-up that will appear once you initially access the site, or you can do so by clicking here.

June 26th

It’s been a really very complex couple of months here. The more observant of you will see we are behind on the Drabble project, but it will be completed before the end of July. Other things have taken priority: a poetry experiment literally grew a mind (and needs) of its own since the start of the month. For a summary of the chaos, feel free to read about my rationalization here. For everything else, we will get to it in time, trust me.

Sometimes, life is unpredictable. The events of the last few weeks will be etched on my mind for the rest of my life. External circumstances are altering lives with lightening swiftness, and I’ve always taken a bit of time to keep up with such alteration. However, we’re in a far better place both mentally and physically than has been the case since Lockdown began. However, in an attempt to try to reorganise the personal side of my life, I’ve decided to take a break.

This blog therefore is going on hiatus until August 3rd. That will allow me the opportunity to give personal stuff the attention it rightly deserves, whilst at the same time to more realistically integrate the Patreon content I’m making into it’s framework, which is the direction I need to be taking in the years that follow. I refuse to let that side of things slide, and so to give the time provided, this is the space that needs to change.

Please subscribe to the IoW Newsletter for full updates on what will be altering for the second half of 2020. You can do so via the pop-up that will appear once you initially access the site, or you can do so by clicking here.

May 29th

The votes have been counted and as a result I’m writing six, 100 word pieces of micro fiction based around these half dozen pieces of personal genre history. I’d hoped to get these done in the last week of May, but I’ll be honest, they’re not nearly as ready as I’d like and if life has taught me anything in the last couple of months, it is to take your time with the stuff that matters. Therefore, you will see them in the week beginning June 8th.

Even the smallest things take time to get right.

#SixFanFics Layout (1)

May 6th

The May Instagram Project is going remarkably well, as a result we’ll be featuring a post on it next week. For now however, we’re compiling votes for this thing:

six drabbles

Full details on the #SixFanFics Project can be found here. Once we have our genres sorted? We’ll link you to the appropriate part of the website.

April 17th

Change is Coming (1)

After (just over a month) of Life with Patreon, I’ve decided to add a new, Entry Level Tier and to drop the price of my highest Tier. This is in response to requests, and I hope it will encourage more people to become a part of my new Journey into Content.

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We’ll be back here on the 20th with details of May’s upcoming SPECIAL PROJECT.

April 1st

PE Vol 1 Issue 1_ Imaginer of Worlds

The day has come. WELCOME TO THE NEW NORMAL.

Don’t worry, no April Fools’ gags here: I’ve launched fully into Paywall Content starting today. Truth be told it’s been happening since mid-March, but today is when the Internet of Words Patreon steps up a gear. Yes, there’ll still be stuff here (wibbling, weekly poetry, monthly short story plus YouTube playlists) but from now on, you will need to become a subscriber for anything else.

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This decision has been a long time coming. The future right now is not making things that other people can lift from the web wholesale and then sell themselves. To preserve what I’m doing, and to maintain the sanctity of ‘original content’, Paywalling is the only real option. It does mean that once the current episodic fiction piece is completed, that work will go subscription-only too.


However, there will be a remarkable amount of older stuff making an appearance in the coming months, so don’t expect to see this place getting all dusty with lack of use. I’ve decided to do what so many video games love in order to keep producing content: recycling my active resources, using existing backdrops and character skins in order to maintain consistency. This website will become my online archive.

It is also the ONLY place you’ll hear latest news about my adventures in Grown Up Poetry, or see Instagram content. It’s not all bad if you wanna keep up with me but can’t afford the subscription. There has to be something for everybody in the New World Order, after all. IoW remains the portal to everything I do: it’s just that now, things are ordered a little differently.

I hope you can find something you enjoy ❤

March 28th

PE Vol 1 Episode 0_ Roam, in a Day

This won’t make sense to you yet, but when we re-launch next week, all will become clear… or, you could just read the Tweet below if that’s too long to wait 😀

March 24th

Promise you’ll get something more next week but for now, April content is rolling out. Please consider supporting me on one of the three available tiers.


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March 4th, 2020

Site redevelopment is now well underway. ETA is April 1st, 2020.

February 24th, 2020

NEWSFLASH: I’ll have my first poem published in an anthology by the end of 2020. This is quite a big deal. More details as and when they are available. Needless to say, I’m chuffed to bits. Watch this space for more details 😀

I raised over £300 for Mind doing RED January.
I’ve completed the first stage of my Mental Health Champion training too, and will be spending February working on the online portions of the process. Then, I need to make sure all that good work via a month of exercise does not go to waste. I have GOALS now. This is all good, and is really gonna help as rejections inevitably appear.

There an Open Mic booked for March, plus a couple of days writing ‘in residence’ at my local Arts Collective as part of the Essex Book Festival. February’s about building confidence and strengthening the portfolio, plus all the networking I can cope with before my social anxiety explodes… oh, and getting Instagram to work for me finally, and not just as an unformed set of projects.

#PaperHearts runs all month 😀

September 19th is remembered as the date of my FIRST OFFICIAL POETRY READING.

Blog on the evening is here, and I’ll be trying again for a Residency at Metal on the back of my success in 2020. More news, as it appears.

This space is getting full of achievements. That’s a good sign too.

Thank you to Jo Bell and Paul Farley for thinking of me as suitable interview material 😀

All 24 poems referenced in that interview remain available to view on the Places of Poetry interactive map.

End of the Fear #1

There’s a permanent link to the main poetry site in the menu above. If you can’t be bothered to scroll up? All you have to do is click here.

This is my way of giving back to the town I’ve lived in for most of my adult life, and to put it (quite literally) on the map with a sizeable, significant poetic presence. You can follow my daily blog here, or look at my Twitter feed for updates as the project comes to a conclusion. Needless to say I’m immensely excited to have almost completed this journey: it represents something both personal and integral to my life here.

Performing my first poem seems a lifetime away now, I’ll be honest.


I can add the words ‘published poet’ to my CV: a poem entered for the Poetry Society Winter 2018 Competition was picked by poet Rachel Boast as a winner!

I was asked to create a poem under the title ‘The Abstract Space’, based on work from W.S. Graham. Choosing to be inspired by his 1967 poem ‘The Beast in the Space’, I present The Beast in Cyberspace.

There’s a personal blog post about the process. Then, there’s my Official Post here. Nobody else is going to promote me, after all, so YES I’M DOING IT MYSELF.


I have a Contact Form! Clicky McClick of the Clan McClick!

The Internet of Words exists both as

with LIVE FEED CONTENT available on the sidebar [—->]

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