The End

This was due to be the 25th's post, but was shoved to the 26th because not even I am doing a Christmas Day blog, even via the medium of scheduling. In 2018 an awful lot was learnt. This remains a long and complex journey ahead, but there are some very important takeaways from a year's … Continue reading The End


Okay. No putting it off any longer. What am I doing in 2019? There is a PHENOMENAL amount of work that needs poking with sharpened graphite sticks, for starters. A year's worth of failed poetry, to be picked apart and then reconstructed... before I start thinking about the new things I'd like to do. 24 … Continue reading F.E.A.R

Moving On Up

One of the most significant issues I need to overcome going forward is writing to deadlines. As this is being written (late, it must be said) there is the spectre of another 'must be finished by' item sitting to my right, taunting a brain that knows perfectly well how to schedule, but that struggles with … Continue reading Moving On Up

The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

Earlier this month, the third Twitter account I run was 'rebranded.' When it was apparent that this blog would end up being my business front, there was a brief but important moment of concern. As an artist, in the broadest sense of the world, there needs to be a third place. I have Home (personal blog … Continue reading The Lost Art of Keeping a Secret

Toxic If you asked me what I'd like for Christmas this year, there is one immediate idea that springs to mind. Sitting in the Gym's bar after training today, scrolling through Twitter, the amount of stupid currently available to view via Social media is staggering, and more than a little bit overwhelming. My brain struggles … Continue reading Toxic

Lose Yourself To Dance

I've always wanted to be a writer. I've always wanted to be able to get to the top of a set of stairs without being out of breath. Both of these, on particular days, can end up as problematic. Athletic ability, in the last six months, has begun to show significant improvement. Having exchanged … Continue reading Lose Yourself To Dance

And I Love Her

This is the last of four posts I scheduled for 'Interests' in the mistaken belief there's enough interesting stuff in my life to write about at length. The truth is, of course, existence is incredibly mundane most of the time. I eat, sleep, exercise, write, play mum to two young adults who increasingly don't require … Continue reading And I Love Her