Hotter than July

It's a bit late (again) this month, but there are a number of legitimate excuses for not theming July earlier. My Holiday is beginning to appear less of a fantasy and far more reality. It is hot out and I'm getting a tan from walking to the Gym. Yes, it's the Summer. There's a phenomenal amount … Continue reading Hotter than July


At 5.30pm on Friday, March 30th, I was confident enough to make this claim: When I stopped this afternoon, after removing everybody else from the house so I could concentrate, this is where things stand: The last 40 pages are rough, but the narrative is complete. I'm going to spend Saturday night going … Continue reading Finally

Which Way?

The purpose of taking November off from 'organised' work was twofold, as those of you paying attention will know. Firstly it was to get NanoWriMo not just to 50k words but beyond (which is what has happened, more on which will be retro posted in the next 24 hours.) Secondly, but probably more importantly, this … Continue reading Which Way?

The Great Big IoW Survey

I promised, back at the end of October, that I'd be giving everyone who reads my blog (i.e., THE ENTIRE INTERNET) a chance to offer feedback on the Internet of Words content thus far. As I am a woman of my word, there's now a lovely Survey available (via the wonders of Google Forms) which … Continue reading The Great Big IoW Survey

Beautiful Dreamer

Okay, next week is November, and I need to get my arse in gear. There's a plan in place for Haiku to cover the entire month (more on that on Monday) and I'm going to announce on that day the subject matter for the month's worth of Micropoetry in one hit. This allows me to plan … Continue reading Beautiful Dreamer

Book of the Month: Seed

  Seed In my head, you and I are lovers... There is dust on the picture frame: light dusting of decay, inescapable march of time unhindered. Her smile however remains incandescent, eyes dancing in the pose, all smiles that are about to explode into laughter. This moment was the best, before things began to sour. … Continue reading Book of the Month: Seed

Book of the Month :: From Page to Screen

Most of my friends, if asked, could cite at least one favourite literary work that has been ruined during the process of adaptation from page to (small or large) screen. For me, it was the cinematic version of The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy: immediately obvious that it would be completely impossible to distil … Continue reading Book of the Month :: From Page to Screen