Learning to Fly

Some days, it gets old. When publishers use online resources to gather your submissions, but then can't be bothered to offer the same courtesy in order to let you know you didn't make it. When rejection letters are so generic and yet positive as to be, quite frankly, depressing beyond belief. The long periods when … Continue reading Learning to Fly

Ride on Time

https://twitter.com/AlternativeChat/status/1105129044562067457 This week, I will mostly writing short stories. The plan today was simple: see if I could kick-start my brain into spouting forth some ideas. As of 18.00 this evening, there's actually EIGHT stories in the folder designated for my output, an increase of two since my 15.00 update. However, only one of those … Continue reading Ride on Time

My Favourite Things

Last day of February, and starting tomorrow there will be no more poetry until the start of April. The burnout really is real, and it has been a very long time since I threw myself into something that worked as wish fulfilment before anything else. Enter Ternary which is a writing project which is likely to … Continue reading My Favourite Things

Hard Habit to Break

Okay, it's official. I need a break from poetry. That's not strictly true, but it's close. It's become impossible to throw my brain into poetry mode at present, and the last time this happened a month's break was EXACTLY what was needed to reset the gauges. A lot of this is wrapped around the two … Continue reading Hard Habit to Break

You’re History

We interrupt our normal Thursday WiP Day (decorating my daughter's bedroom in lieu of actual work) for an important question from the lovely people at The Poetry Society: If you put a pile of straws in an art gallery, does that make it art? When we went to New York a couple of summers ago, that … Continue reading You’re History

The Last Time

https://twitter.com/InternetofWords/status/1097151949634486273 I'm getting schooled quite a bit during this journey into poetry. It's probably no surprise that I was rooting for e.e.cummings in the Poetry Society 'Romantic Poetry' World Cup: his work is pretty straightforward in my mind when it comes to style and approach. All this stuff about metrical feet and disyllables does my … Continue reading The Last Time

The Day Before You Came

Yesterday was, without doubt, one of the most difficult days I've ever had as an adult. 'Yeah yeah, it's all hyperbole,' I hear you mutter BUT THAT IS WHERE YOU ARE WRONG. It was apparent, going into this year, there would be points where everything could topple, but what wasn't expected was the opposite to take … Continue reading The Day Before You Came