Beautiful Dreamer This week has been significant. Despite the fairly huge amount of flailing that took place, we still have potential to produce a useful work of short fiction to hit this particular deadline. Next week therefore has been slightly re-arranged: I have another residency proposal to collate and submit, alongside which a first draft of … Continue reading Beautiful Dreamer

Ride on Time This week, I will mostly writing short stories. The plan today was simple: see if I could kick-start my brain into spouting forth some ideas. As of 18.00 this evening, there's actually EIGHT stories in the folder designated for my output, an increase of two since my 15.00 update. However, only one of those … Continue reading Ride on Time

Begin Again To give me a bit of a break from thinking too much about new things, this month's become a period of recycling. The short story currently running on Twitter, for instance, has sat on my hard drive since forever. The poetry that will appear over the weekend was originally written this time last year … Continue reading Begin Again

My Favourite Things

Last day of February, and starting tomorrow there will be no more poetry until the start of April. The burnout really is real, and it has been a very long time since I threw myself into something that worked as wish fulfilment before anything else. Enter Ternary which is a writing project which is likely to … Continue reading My Favourite Things

Waiting For the Man

Why is Terpy dominating the banner, I hear you ask, and not Calliope or maybe even Mnemosyne, who would be a nice umbrella under which to fit all the forms of poetry the Muses get to laud over. Well, today comes the revelation that words aren't a problem, and never really will be. As we … Continue reading Waiting For the Man

The Last Time I'm getting schooled quite a bit during this journey into poetry. It's probably no surprise that I was rooting for e.e.cummings in the Poetry Society 'Romantic Poetry' World Cup: his work is pretty straightforward in my mind when it comes to style and approach. All this stuff about metrical feet and disyllables does my … Continue reading The Last Time

Sanctify Yourself There's a really good reason to run two Twitter accounts, I realised yesterday : one for the professional, polished exterior and the other to get really ranty and frustrated when stupid rears it's ugly head, which happens with predictable frequency. It is, on reflection, the disadvantage of having to deal with people who don't 'get' … Continue reading Sanctify Yourself