Drink the Elixir

Right, back to the grind starting Monday, with ALL NEW OUTPUT because there’s no excuse after (effectively) a month off. Sure, there’s a ton of things that could be done too but for now, time to sharpen the existing skill set. Go with what you know, right?


You already know therefore that April’s short story is one of the set that I started this month for another project… so, a little teaser might be in order, to give an idea of what’s coming. A terrorist with cold feet and a policewoman in the midst of a crisis of conscience walk into a place of worship… 

Starting April 1st for 30 days: 9am (@MoveablePress) and 4pm (@InternetofWords)


Sometimes, simple is best. There’s millions of songs out there, but all I’m interested in are the ones with a single word title. The 30 best, in my opinion, will begin appearing in the @MoveablePress Twitter feed at 9.30pm every night from April 1st. Hooray for having scheduling back and working again!

drink the elixir

ALSO #Narrating2019 is BACK after a brief hiatus: having struggled for a few months when it came to content, a rethink took place and now, all told, things are a lot less stressful. Every night from 9.30pm on the @InternetofWords Twitter feed, it’s time to talk drinking: what you want, how you take it, and more importantly what that stuff does to your body…


Poetry’s been produced a bit differently as well this month: both haiku and micro-poems, for the entire four week period, are presented under the same banner. I had thought about maybe 30 verses of both as an overall, arching theme but that would need a little more organisational groundwork than currently exists, but is likely to happen later in the year. For now, eight words have been picked as titles, all relevant to the changing season.

Micropoetry @ 9am and Haiku @ 5pm both on the @InternetofWords Twitter account, before poems are archived to the blog on Saturday and Sunday.

There will be other stuff too, but for now, this is enough. See you bright and early on Monday morning 😀

Poetry Archive :: The Sensual World (Redux)

It has been mentioned elsewhere that this week has very much involved an improvement to process, but that was primarily wrapped around short story writing. This piece has not significantly altered from it’s original, when all is said and done. Crucially the verse benefits from an increased awareness of my inner poetic ‘voice.’ That has been subsequently lent to short-form fiction this week too: finding the means by which descriptive passages can gain that same lyricism is a skill that was previously lacking.

Also, crucially, capital letters are no longer a Thing.

The Sensual World

Smooth, grasping hand pulls forward need,
equal pressure soft lips then feed:
upon sweet fruits these bodies yield
whilst layered warmth ‘neath cotton shield.

As coupling cements joint dance
desire sires passion, both advance,
beyond blood’s simple pulsing beat
each small release; orgasms fleet.

Quiet coalescing, strengthened whole
compelling mind, intertwined souls:
together locked, deepening tryst
no pain or doubt ever exist.

Successive sparks of passion flare,
between two hearts burden declares
smooth strengthening, our final form:
life redefines accepted norm.

Our sensual world, never far
within whatever space we are
requiring simplest care to fuel;
eternal fountain, love’s renewal.

Beautiful Dreamer

This week has been significant. Despite the fairly huge amount of flailing that took place, we still have potential to produce a useful work of short fiction to hit this particular deadline. Next week therefore has been slightly re-arranged: I have another residency proposal to collate and submit, alongside which a first draft of something that can then be considered for use in contest will be completed.

It also helps, I now realise, that the pain that was being experienced thanks to an untreated injury (which is now being dealt with) was considerably more distracting than was first grasped. Having begun the process on Friday, today is the rough equivalent of being able to finally sit in silence after having been forced to listen to music you don’t enjoy, non stop, for over three years. Being without a constant niggle of irritation is blissful.

This calm in body and brain are taking a bit of getting used to.


Therefore, once I’m done here (and the poetry is archived) there can be some planning for the vanity stuff I’ve been playing around with over the last few weeks. Some video tests were completed in the week, and (hopefully) if the weather forecast is accurate going forward, I’ll be making some detours after the School Run this week to do my location filming. Then, it’ll be about recording the audio and then throwing everything together. I have no idea if this will work, but it is worth a try.

Add to that the previously scheduled gubbins, a welcome return to PT, lots of sweating in Gyms generally, the inevitable and persistent spectre of rejection plus the genuine possibility of seeing the surface of my kitchen table for the first time since February and March seems to be going rather well. Oh yeah, it could all go horribly wrong again after Tuesday afternoon, but to be honest that’s not a problem. Change is inevitably a measure of pain.

I am ready for whatever might get thrown at me.

Ride on Time

This week, I will mostly writing short stories.


The plan today was simple: see if I could kick-start my brain into spouting forth some ideas. As of 18.00 this evening, there’s actually EIGHT stories in the folder designated for my output, an increase of two since my 15.00 update. However, only one of those isn’t speculative fiction, and in this particular case (considering whose contest I am entering to) it’s probably a good idea not to go down that route first of all. However at this rate, I’ll have multiple entries for any number of sci-fi sites…

How does this work for me? Well, it depends on the initial idea: some right now are two paragraphs of a narrative that is then sketched in as notes underneath. One is fully fledged, beginning to end with spots of dialogue that occurred to me whilst writing. The story we’ll be concentrating on has beginning and end, plus a very distinct structure, so the plan for that going forward is to complete the framework and then go back to add depth.


The stuff that doesn’t get immediately used is already being earmarked as short story material for Twitter going forward, so everything is likely to appear at some point on the website. However, if anything leaps out at me as being superlative it will be earmarked for commercial gain ahead of anything else because we are already halfway into March and these website upkeep bills are not going to pay themselves.

Content really isn’t my biggest concern right now, what mattered most of all were strong, compelling ideas. Without sounding like this is easy (really isn’t) adding depth to narratives considerably less stressful than making sure your story’s believable and immersive. The sweet spot, of course, is you idea combination of that and a little something special which makes your work leap off the page and grab your reader by the brain.

In my chosen story, that’s already woven into the fabric of the narrative.


I’m not gonna lie: I could not be happier. Tomorrow, hopefully, the rest of the meat is added to the bones and there’ll be a tentative first draft to play about with. At the same time some video gets recorded, am planning to start small at home. All of this will come to fruition for April, and then we can start getting some pennies in the bank. Let’s just hope the rest of this week is as productive as the start…

Begin Again

To give me a bit of a break from thinking too much about new things, this month’s become a period of recycling. The short story currently running on Twitter, for instance, has sat on my hard drive since forever. The poetry that will appear over the weekend was originally written this time last year (or thereabouts) and has undoubtedly benefited from a second look-over.

It makes me realise just how much has changed in a relatively short space of time.


I knew the last week was going to be tough going, with a notable couple of rejections highlighting that however good poetry might seem to be, other people need to agree. Winning stuff is horribly hit and miss at the best of times, which is why this month is also about trying to pick up some feedback about how to best package my work going forward. However, there’s still a lot of potential on the board, and I really haven’t been at this very long.

Probably the most important skill that’s been grasped since this time last year is the need to listen to my ‘voice’ within poetry: reading aloud, things sound considerably different than when written ‘cold.’ It’s been a process that, I’ll grant you, has taken some getting used to. Training my brain to work in a fashion which is often largely counter-intuitive was the hardest ask of all, however. This where mental shortcomings really became apparent.


Going back to old work therefore highlights my shortcomings (I thought it was enough a year ago for it to just fit syllable counts) and pushes brain to find better ways of doing the same stuff again. It also reminds me that, scattered across notebooks and in other places there’s a ton of half-finished poetry that I should frag together to construct a new collection. None of this is bad, it all just requires thought.

That’s the killer, of course: finding the right kind of thought to fit each day, situations that I find myself within. The story work I’m doing has stalled because, of all things, a poem that is included as part of the narrative. New work is hard, but going back to old work has a ring of familiarity and comfort to it which is, I hope, allowing me to expand brain’s capacity and capability.

By the end of the month, we’ll see if this change of approach has made a difference to my ability .

My Favourite Things

Last day of February, and starting tomorrow there will be no more poetry until the start of April. The burnout really is real, and it has been a very long time since I threw myself into something that worked as wish fulfilment before anything else. Enter Ternary which is a writing project which is likely to be familiar already to those of you who have been here for a while.


This used to be The Sayers which began as weekly fiction. Now it’s been amended, extensively edited and is in the course of being completely re-written from scratch. That’s what I’m going to do with my free time in the next few weeks, as well as the other stuff that you’ll have seen in Monday’s blog post. It has a soundtrack Spotify playlist (under construction) and I keep writing bits of dialogue down as stuff occurs to me and in that regard, it’s already a success.

The ultimate irony however is that it begins with a poem.

Progression and development means different things to different people. For me, even if I can’t stand the sight of it right now, poetry’s become part of my psyche. It is also remarkably important in the alternate history I’m writing, that the piece which starts the book pretty much underpins everything that takes place during the first part of what, on reflection, was always going to be a trilogy. How I decide to publish it remains to be seen. This year’s submissions elsewhere will probably determine that path.

For now, there’s the unbridled joy of a new thing to do, and that honestly the last thing I care about now is how other people get to read it when it’s done. All that matters is the telling: we have a beginning, middle and end, with all points in-between covered. That in itself is a glorious state of affairs that’s not taken place for quite some time.

Waiting For the Man


Why is Terpy dominating the banner, I hear you ask, and not Calliope or maybe even Mnemosyne, who would be a nice umbrella under which to fit all the forms of poetry the Muses get to laud over. Well, today comes the revelation that words aren’t a problem, and never really will be. As we have discussed a few times over the last few weeks the dance of publication is causing a few heartaches. So, it occurs to me that maybe I’m going about this all wrong. The residencies discussed on Monday are a definite way forward, and will be aggressively pursued.

It is time to start considering self publishing.

Planning to Kickstart a publishing project may not even be necessary if I can hit a target with a submission. However, there’s more and more realisation that to make the stuff I want to, with the focus that matters, this might be the most stress free way to go. To be true to myself, all these things need to be robustly considered and be on the table. It provides important secondary momentum that isn’t continually dashed by rejection after rejection.

Having destiny in your own hands might matter more than third party validation.

This isn’t me, on my own, if this route gets trodden either. I’m going to need help doing stuff I have no idea about, and that’s where friends come in and why kick-starting makes a lot of sense. In this very nebulous, ephemeral world of ‘no idea yet but a rough plan’ how they fit into everything is really important. Planning takes years for me, and because of that fact alone there’s already a path being laid, and tracks being scouted. Other people knowing I’m capable is no longer the issue.


If the future is using technology to free my creativity and not hinder progression, this is the way everything will eventually point.

The journey, if done well. should be full of possibilities.