#Instaverse: Art for Art’s Sake

Today, it took me a bit longer than normal to finish the recording, because I got distracted by making some art. Occasionally, it is good to do things than just what you always do, day in and day out. In this case, I made two graphics, both of which I am equally proud of. It’s a great place to be right now creatively for me, and writing these poems every day is undoubtedly helpful. Everybody needs a space to expand into, once in a while. Graphics are mine. Talking of which, I need to take some more pictures…

#Instaverse : April 14th, 2021 : Art for Art’s Sake

#Instaverse: Told You So

I retook the Myers-Briggs Personality Test last week, as part of a Patreon marketing course, and it turns out I’m an Advocate. That means I’m the one in your Twitter feed pushing you to follow your dreams or suggesting ways you could improve your existence. As a result, we now have a poem for that. I sense there will be poetry for lots of new personality quirks going forward…

#Instaverse : April 14th, 2021 : Told You So

#Instaverse: Dreams

My subconscious had a moment on Sunday evening, and this was the response first thing Monday morning. Also, I only just noticed that LibreOffice decided ‘deadlift’ was a typo. I think I like it, let’s keep it in, as this undoubtedly contributes to both the instantaneous and authentic look of the whole feature…

#Instaverse : April 12th, 2021 : Dreams

#Instaverse: Fingering the ‘Damn’

There’s not a day when Social media abuse isn’t in the news. I don’t remember what it was that was going to provoke this, but honestly as a result this is relevant for anything in the last (almost) ten years I’ve been using Twitter. Insert your own drama here.

#Instaverse : April 8th, 2021 : Fingering the ‘Damn’

#Instaverse: Explanation

Sometimes, describing what you are is hard work. When you’re stressed and under pressure, then asked to do the same thing? Even worse. Add pain to all that and really, not happening. The audio today will tell you how this all went down, and it wasn’t good. Don’t tell my daughter I threw up after watching her have two teeth extracted, she however was a total heroine.

Stress is tough to manage, and when someone says they’re in pain, you should believe them.

#Instaverse : April 7th, 2021 : Explanation

#Instaverse: Guilt Edged

It was a good weekend. A lot of work got done, and many more things were organized. There was also a fair amount of navel-gazing and soul-searching, plus a pretty decent walk (for the first time in a while) that needs to happen more in the future. The Instaverse today came from a discussion last night surrounding individual responsibility, and as the audio points out, some things can never be escaped, whether you like it or not.

#Instaverse : April 5th, 2021 : Guilt Edged

#Instaverse: Normal

‘It’s going to be SO AWESOME when we get back to normal,’ quoth the random Twitter user with 26 numbers after their name and an egg for a profile picture. Except, there is no Normal any more.

Here is a poem about that, with thanks to @ProfSunnySingh on Twitter who I first saw using the phrase ‘wilful unseeing’ last year, so that is hers, and I borrow it with thanks.

#Instaverse : April 2nd, 2021 : Normal