#VSS365 Prompt: Paralyse

I’ve been looking for ways to increase my reach on social media without having to pay for advertising. The #VSS365 tag gets a remarkable amount of engagement over time, and so this seems like a good opportunity to see if I can pick up an audience from my own work, unprompted.

There will also be a graphic when I do this from the poem, which provides useful Canva practice 😀

#VSS365 Prompt: Break

I’ve been looking for ways to increase my reach on social media without having to pay for advertising. The #VSS365 tag gets a remarkable amount of engagement over time, and so this seems like a good opportunity to see if I can pick up an audience from my own work, unprompted.

There will also be a graphic when I do this from the poem, which provides useful Canva practice 😀

#VSS365 Prompt: Periwinkle

I’ve been looking for ways to increase my reach on social media without having to pay for advertising. The #VSS365 tag gets a remarkable amount of engagement over time, and so this seems like a good opportunity to see if I can pick up an audience from my own work, unprompted.

There will also be a graphic when I do this from the poem, which provides useful Canva practice 😀

Hashtag Poetry #16

Every day in 2022 I’ll post six lines of unique poetry on Twitter, and then archive it here for posterity with some additional observations. Here is Poem #16:

This poem is explained with ten minutes of video, available to you if you’d like to sign up to my Ko-Fi Sub Model here. If you don’t want to do this, I respect and accept that choice, and choose as a result not to share the details. Welcome to Late-Stage Capitalism 😀

HOW TO TWITTER #3: Are You a Robot?

I'm sitting here, faffing with some stuff before I go make lunch, and I get a Follow notification. As is always the case, I go look at who it is, and then realise that there's a 99% certainty I just got followed by a robot.

Here's how I check the validity of followers 😀

It's another of my 'How to Twitter '22' Handy Dandy Guides. Time to play 'Spot the Robot Follower!'

Say hello to Nancy Donald. I’ve highlighted five things about Nancy’s profile that make me think twice about following her. They are:

1. The Avatar
2. The Username
3. Their ‘Description’
4. Followers and Following
5. They don’t follow anyone I do [WARNING KLAXON]

This is Nancy Donald's Twitter header, which I've marked with five potential red flags, as detailed in the Tweet itself.

1. Lovely lass. If I used Google Lens, I wonder if I could find out who this really is… you’d be surprised what searching people’s avatars can turn up. In this case, no matches, but this is the standard warning that what you see is not necessarily what is real 😀

Sometimes you don’t need a programme, a human being is far superior ❤

2. A username with numbers after it is a good indicator of a new account. I suspect this account has been created in the last 72 hours (and yes, look, account was created January 22) It must be said at this point that many older Twitter users have numbers after their names. Why? Because, in many cases, they see no need to change their names, or they do not know how to. It is reasonably easy with other checks to work out the difference. This all boils down to you making informed decisions over whom you follow and how you then interact with them.

3. I like a good positive affirmation, and in this case you KNOW you're not being sold something… except, of course, you are. Robots hide in people's feeds to avoid detection and to propagate disinformation. that's why who they follow and who is following them is so important.

4. Is the killer. The eight people who follow them are as far away from my interests and ideals as it is possible to get. Looking at their Likes and their media, there is no actual interaction at all with anything I’d consider as normal or indeed compelling to me.

Finally, 5 goes without saying really. yes, at some point you will be followed by people who don't follow anyone else you do. It's how small becomes huge in this space. However, if you take the time to look at the follows when you are small… you can make this a better place.

If Twitter will not (and in many cases simply cannot) police accounts fast enough, learning how to report the wrong-uns yourself is a useful way not simply of keeping this space useful, but weeding out those only interesting in impersonation and disruption.

I know what to do.

Yup, I lose a follower.

However, I stop this person scraping MY feed, and using me a hiding place.

When was the last time you actually checked who you follow?


I have blocked @NancyDo40742302 and I'm fairly confident you should too.

Originally tweeted by Another 🗨️ Reeson 💭 to start 2022 💬 STRONGER (@InternetofWords) on January 16, 2022.

Trouble’s Coming

I’ve just spent the last six days cycling 500km for the annual Rapha Festive 500: that, for me, was about eighteen hours on a bike where I had a lot of spare thinking time. Last year, when the event was completed for the first time, no spare brain capacity existed, so hard was it that my whole was totally wiped for about a week afterwards. The difference between 2020 and now is considerable, remaining testament to where I am in terms of progress that there has been writing done between those sessions. It’s also been a period when future plans have begun to coalesce.

It continues to bother me how much of progress we decide to mark against other people, and never in relation to ourselves. If you’ve not got the badge, the leaderboard placement or the acceptance of your peers, have you even done anything worthwhile at all? Exercise, with its undoubtedly obsessive business of recording statistical achievement, has taught me a lot about how people define their success over the last few years. Selling your progress is a business too, and it’s been really insightful when I’ve begun to critically assess my place in the writing world.

… but actually, *did you*…?

All of this navel-gazing is as a direct result of having pulled something together for a Poetry Contest. I’ve discovered of late that if the subject of the submission or money making affair is anything other than ‘write what you want’ I tend to struggle, because the neurodiverse in my brain will undoubtedly fixate on a very, VERY specific part of the larger whole. Therefore, undoubtedly I’m setting myself up for failure, and becoming poorer for it as a result… except that’s not the entire story. Every contest entry is the literal equivalent of sticking a donation in the regional poetry charity donation box, and in the current climate, helping people across the country should be a priority for everyone.

I was on a writing course last year when the facilitator suggested that we all like the idea that just one poem could change our lives. It’s that whole ‘rags to riches’ mentality that does seem to fuel the majority of people’s aspirations: after all, were I to win the National Poetry Contest, it would mean that more people than the 600 or so currently following me on social media might have an interest in my fortunes long term. The problem with such manifestations however is the statistical likelihood that you’ll win anything to begin with. Except, as it transpires, my first publication was a contest win. No, really, go read it now.

As a result of this life-changing event in 2018 (and it totally was, make absolutely no mistake about it) I am about to hit Year Five of this particular endeavour. When I look back on the past half decade of attempting to get words to accurately represent what I am, The Beast in Cyberspace still shines bright as an example of me, doing what I do best. I’ve always been a mimic, and most of my life is inextricably linked with computing and the virtual world. As a calling card, it remains a perfect descriptor for my strengths and ability. I worked that out on a bike this week, and going forward there needs to be less worrying about what other people are producing, and more focus on personal strengths.

Needless to say, this is a Resolution I’m already working on ahead of time…

More of the Same

I’ve not done an actual update here for a while, and therefore it seems like the right moment to bring people up to speed, as November is going to be a busy month for me in many ways.

In the next four weeks, you’ll see me in two new online spaces: I’ll announce them both formally when they happen, but I’m very pleased about both. Having performed at the Gloucester Poetry Festival last week on an Open Mic I have another event next week, plus a Flight of the Dragonfly appearance on Tuesday. It’s all part of the daily process of improvement and growth, and I’m enjoying it greatly.

This year I’m also spending the entirety of November doing NaNoWriMo and attempting to encourage new people to support my writing efforts via Ko-Fi. So, you can expect to see a bit more of me around here than has been the case of late too… and if I’m not here you can guarantee I’ll be in the Gym 😀

I look forward to an exciting and enriching time all round.


I’m supposed to be having a couple of weeks off, but instead there is a compulsion to write here for the first time in a while. The reasons are complex, and will be discussed in other places as time goes on, but for now, this is the moment to start laying foundations down for new ventures. As that happens, it is also the moment to consider how far I have come.

Stories that make a person whole…

For the last thirty-nine weeks, I’ve captured myself on video explaining my plans going forward, and this undoubtedly has contributed to an ability to rationalize beyond what was there to begin with. The fortieth video will launch on a new platform, having finally removed myself from Patreon. Ironically, it was their own fault it happened. I was given the opportunity to join a marketing course, which showed me how to sell the ‘brand’ better.

This is not a brand, and never will be. I am a perennial work in progress, and trying to promote that on a platform which only sees fulfilment and cash as success really was doomed to failure. As a transactional person at heart, there needs to be a balance between what is truth and what is the line that won’t be crossed. It was therefore inevitable the relationship would end after it was obvious the company’s values and mine did not align.

I was sent a brand survey last week that was the last straw, and I made my displeasure known. Also, I didn’t sign up to win the $100 gift card because the exchange rate is woeful, part of a far bigger issue.

This week I’m going out with the youngest, will be taking photos everywhere, and hope to get some back end work fixed in an environment which is considerably more conducive than it was. Mostly, I need to be organized better, which is the perennial demon to appease. At least now that’s grasped, there are other things to talk about.

#Instaverse will be back in September, but so will occasional posting here too on personal issues.

#Instaverse: Can You? Possibly…

I watched someone this week perform poetry about an event so personal and clearly upsetting that it moved them almost to tears. This is not the first time I’ve seen this happen, either. How are these people capable of conveying their pain and drama so effectively? Will I ever get there myself…

#Instaverse, July 1st, 2021: Can You? Possibly…
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