The Big Sky I absolutely live for days like yesterday: a 'mutual' (as I believe is the correct term) pointed out this film, with a poetry basis, and after some online faffing there's a .PDF of the massive poem (144 pages of A4) to digest. Once I got past the realisation my narrator refers to the Earth … Continue reading The Big Sky

Poetry Archive :: Fool

This is also pretty good. Maybe we're actually getting somewhere... Fool Burning multiple pointless candles: who’s foolish in this equation? Relinquish control, village idiocy: set controls for chaos. Stocks jointly sharing, vegetative weight: turnip headed conviction. Which one is the fool? Listener, perhaps; except nobody’s caring. All of you to blame: culpability’s silence; entirety damned.

Poetry Archive :: Didactic

For the next few weeks I'll be revisiting and editing some of the previous work I've produced and reposting it here. On reflection, the originals will be removed, because there doesn't need to be two copies of the same thing hanging about. Would this poem be picked for an edit going forward? I'm quite pleased … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Didactic

Free as a Bird

On my day (which let's face it is most of them) I am a world class procrastinator. The problem with this, looking at the calendar, is that we're already three months into 2019 and this bid for World domination is not going to move itself. So, how do you push past failure and remain focused? … Continue reading Free as a Bird

My Favourite Things

Last day of February, and starting tomorrow there will be no more poetry until the start of April. The burnout really is real, and it has been a very long time since I threw myself into something that worked as wish fulfilment before anything else. Enter Ternary which is a writing project which is likely to … Continue reading My Favourite Things

Poetry Archive :: Liar

Please feel free to add a buffoon of your choice as a suitable subject... Liar Transparent cretin, ineffective: hands tongue-tied pale idiocy. Compulsive hauteur, contempt: steely-eyed, toothless arrogant standpoint. Determined stooges, chorus: faded also-rans sentiments worthless. Dissemination, thoughtless: soap-box, poor pulpit sermon misguided. Outcome predicted, neurotic: liars, foolish arrogance unmasked.

Poetry Archive :: Cheat

Yet again, subconscious works in mysterious ways. Also, hugely indicative of current events. Cheat Compulsive crier, reductive sophistication: behold cuckold, in flagrante dickto morals around ankles. Evidence, inescapably handheld: infidelity scrolled, swiped witnesses retweeting scandal. Backlash, slapdash forum attacks: blood boils anger, moral turpitude totally expected. Extremists, concocting indignation: bias-based arguments, personal agendas lacking balance. … Continue reading Poetry Archive :: Cheat