I Have a Dream

Tomorrow, all things being equal, will be the last day of editing the Novel. After that, I'll be creating a PDF of the whole damn thing and sending it off to people to read. If only it were that simple to get published, but sadly not. Once it's done, and other people are seeing if … Continue reading I Have a Dream


At 5.30pm on Friday, March 30th, I was confident enough to make this claim: https://twitter.com/AlternativeChat/status/979757998502498304 When I stopped this afternoon, after removing everybody else from the house so I could concentrate, this is where things stand: https://twitter.com/AlternativeChat/status/979758348793982976 The last 40 pages are rough, but the narrative is complete. I'm going to spend Saturday night going … Continue reading Finally

NaNoWriMo :: Day 13

Well, here's a thing. It is all going REALLY well. I'll grant you, some of my writing is shonky as hell at this stage, but the plot is golden. I'm confident with where everything is heading, there's no panic over motivation or characterisation. When I write my two leads (and right now this is simply … Continue reading NaNoWriMo :: Day 13

The Closing of the Year

I don't recall being this optimistic at a year end for a very long time. Perhaps it is the understanding that, after many years, death and failure no longer frighten me. What is of greater concern is that I won't get everything done in the timescales that are available. There needs to be organisation, planning and … Continue reading The Closing of the Year

All I Want for Christmas is You

My husband phoned me this morning, and the conversation went as follows: - What do you want for Christmas? - Cuddles - You have a standing order for cuddles. This is not helpful. Really, what do you want for Christmas? - ... Cuddles? Honestly, this year there is nothing I really want. Except maybe this … Continue reading All I Want for Christmas is You