I can escape the trauma of my past;
it’s possible to reinvent, surpass.

Poetry began as the most important part of my Patreon journey, but has now evolved into a larger part of a wider whole. A selection of poems below will be compiled into a digital-only release for the end of 2020. Watch this space for further details.

Won’t Solve Everything

Four poems:

First, The Pitch
Money Talked
Golden Legacy
Last Orders

associated artworks,
produced May 2020

on the nature of capitalism, its inevitable sway on relationships and the consequence of what we earn on how we relate to each other.

Truth or Consequence

Four poems:

Make the Call
Make the Mark
Make a Mistake
Make your Escape

associated artworks,
produced June 2020

in a world without mobile phones, where relationships are very much black and white, a noir-style mystery plays out in courtrooms, newspapers and over the wires…

Universal Truth

Four Poems:


associated artworks,
produced July 2020

As a result of a breakthrough in June, my poetry has become considerably more personal and a great deal more revealing. These four celebrate the process of escaping the gravity of my previous existence to new and interesting places.

Our Feature Presentation

Four poems:


associated artworks
produced August 2020

A logical progression from last month, we further explore themes and thoughts prompted by four key dates in my personal history, all of which also usefully coincide with seeing films that altered my concept of what was entertainment.


20 poems, spread over four weeks.

associated artworks are available here for $15 Patrons as a separate Photography project.

An evolution of my original short form work, which in turn forms an essential daily practice. These pieces see me reacting to imagery as a direct prompt for poetry.

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