At first, this part of the website redesign remit seemed like something of an impossible task. How do I make sense of the almost infinite selection of YouTube content and curate that into something not simply cohesive but compelling? The key is my own desires, I realised early on: focus on things that are enjoyed and interesting, and everything else will probably work on its own level.

As it transpires, there’s been little struggle for subject matter, with many months worth of Playlists prepared already for presentation. Looking both back and forward, it is  hoped that the presented lists provide a decent selection of diversions. There will be more time this year to expand the remit to longer than once a month. After all, there’s an awful lot of stuff ‘out there’ as yet unexplored…

The current hashtag is #Narrating2019.

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2018 Content

World of Colour

For thirty-one days in January, I presented a selection of classic colour films from the early years of BBC2’s Trade Test Colour Transmissions.

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For twenty-eight days in February, it is time to relax, reflect, and love the World around you. It is an amazing and complex place, and to understand everything is often a tough ask. This month’s selection, therefore, celebrates not only the simple pleasures around us, but challenges you to ask some fundamental questions about your place on the planet.

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Beauty is perhaps the most subjective of benchmarks. For thirty-one days in March, it is time to look at things with a more critical eye, in an attempt to open up understanding and provide knowledge towards why it is we think things are beautiful, and what guides those thought processes.

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This month, I challenge you to look at the World in differing ways. Here are 30 things in April that made me go ‘hmmm’ or ‘WOW’ and forced a rethink of the basic reality around me. Some are reasonably mundane, others are just brain-stoppingly unbelievable. Whatever you might think, challenging knowledge should be a default for everyone. Surely there is SOMETHING in this selection that is news to you…

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YouTube is great for many things, but is totally BRILLIANT at providing surprising items of interest, often with kick-ass visual and audio accompaniments. Welcome to #Tonal, play-listed for May, which picks 31 pieces not simply to relax the senses or challenge the mind, but to examine on audio and visual surprises can expand our knowledge and experience.

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Let’s face facts, there’s a lot of weird shit on the Internet. How do you know what is good and what isn’t? Simple, you get someone like me to trawl their way through all this stuff and pronounce judgement on your behalf! What exists online as entertainment? Well, just about everything you could imagine, and a lot of stuff you’d never dream of…

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not a lot of people know that

Last month we explored the weird, so this month? A reminder of how much cool stuff is online, and how FACTS can SET YOU FREE. There’s a ton of stuff here from making PROPER sharp objects to learning about the History of the Universe. ENJOY 😀

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Present Company
Back after our holidays, here’s a gift from me to you: 30 videos, all of which represent A PART OF MY VERY SOUL. It’s the most personal of insights into an existence that’s lasted almost 52 years. Honestly, it does not get more revealing than this.

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As a writer, dialogue used to scare the pants off me, but thanks to a certain secret agent (and a particular fan fiction project) all of that has changed. Therefore, this month I went a step further from last month’s favourite stuff playlist. Have some of the best dialogue from my favourite films, including one with virtually none at all.

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The 'Symphony' OST (1)

November was the first time (but not the last) that I combine poetry with other audiovisual elements. You’ll find the musical soundtrack to Symphony on the relevant page, whilst all 30 Haiku are posted in narrative order here.

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#narrating december 18

December is the time for decorating, presents and food, so it makes prefect sense that you’ll be looking for some help with doing all that stuff properly. It’s okay, we’ve got you, and this playlist can help you prepare for next year too!

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2019 Content


MEH [Mind Expanding Helpfulness]
31 days of stuff to blow away the Christmas cobwebs, unravel that seasonal funk and set you on a path to enlightenment. Including all sorts of stuff that you never knew you needed, plus lots of things to make you go ‘mmm…’

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You know it’s not working any more, but how do you leave in the kindest way possible…? Here’s 28 ways to say goodbye, to leave, to do something else or get generally distracted from the bad stuff going on around you…

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There was no Playlist for March. There were Reasons.

drink the elixir

30 insights into what we drink, why it matters so much and the effect it has on our bodies… We’ll discuss the science of the beverages, regional differences in both presentation and manufacture, and the effects it all has on our bodies…

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31 stories, covering the entirety of the planet’s history. No really, we go right back to the DAWN OF EVERYTHING and then, it’s everything and everywhere: eras, empires and WARS TO END ALL WARS. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?

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I’ve been undergoing a three month period of counselling, and during that time have found myself considering who I really am, and what factors have influenced my development to this point. It seemed a good idea to pull together some relevant videos
on the subject this month as a result…

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Sometimes, there’s an urge to be clever, but at other times, honestly, all I want is stuff to distract me online after a hard day working. Therefore, as it’s been a tough month mentally, here’s thirty-one things I liked the look of, found entertaining, which may or not have followed a theme depending on how I felt at the time.

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Alternative Steampunk

You all know what Alternative Futures are, and I’m betting most of you grasp the concept of Steampunk. So, I put the two together: consider this a Steampunk Sammich with Alternative Earths as the bread, and AWAY YOU GO 😀

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A Pile of Balls


The graphic says it all: it’s the festive season, but we did that last year, so how about THIS YEAR we tackle 31 things that have absolutely no relevance to Christmas whatsoever? You never know, you might learn something useful…

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