Book of the Month

For a period of several months in 2017, I ran a Patreon, which was surprisingly well subscribed. Part of the remit of that project was a ‘Book of the Month’ feature, which involved three non-fiction works plus a short story. The four pieces of fiction that emerged are available to read here, and the non fiction below, attached to the book which inspired me to write.

JULY, 2017

Ways of Seeing
by John Berger

The Ambiguity of Image
My Body, My Internet
Seeing a New World

AUGUST, 2017
Consider her Ways and Others
by John Wyndham

Understanding Wyndham
Consider the Future
Memoirs of the 20th Century


by Stephen J. Dubner and Steven Levitt

When Stephen Met Stephen
The Hidden Side of Everything
Why Numbers are Scary, and Other Stories

The Comfort of Strangers
by Ian McEwan

An Introduction to the Challenging
Traversing the Fringes
From Page to Screen

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