In 2017 I produced 31 haiku under the banner of Think-Tober, which subsequently kick started my Instagram into life. A lot has changed in two years, most of it good, and this year it seemed like high time to try a similar project: instead of putting poetry into situations, I used photography as inspiration. Belief in one’s own ability is very important as a writer, and hence the #FaithIoW Project was born.

31 Faith Prompts

The 31 prompts are all in their relative pieces of micropoetry, also allowing the showcase of my own photographic work in the last year. As an exercise in habit forming, it has been really more significant than was initially realised: sometimes, benefits come from unexpected places. In this respect, working to a timetable and publishing ‘on time’ is far more important with each passing day.

Creativity is all well and good, but sometimes having a deadline is useful.

So, here are all of the images, reproduced from their Instagram birthplace, and there’s already a November project ‘in progress.’


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