In 2018 a project was begun to utilise YouTube as more than just a place where I occasionally subscribe to stuff and even more rarely actually watch things. That means a combination of intellectual stimulation (in its widest possible definition) plus finding music that was long forgotten or that I simply did not know existed. HENCE, the #Soundtracking hashtag [insert correct year afterwards] was born and with it, an expansion of understanding and knowledge.

These gems have been posted daily on Twitter since January 2018 (with August off for holidays) and are now gathered as YouTube Playlists for your continued enjoyment.

The current hashtag is #Soundtracking 2019.

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  • #TheIndy31
  • I love all music. I was bought up on big bands, jazz, hard rock, AOR, Disney themes and Elton John, just as a snapshot. However, I am an Indy Girl at heart. So, it was here that we begin our journey, with songs that define my current existence, and that live in my ears whilst at the Gym, or walking around my home town. This is very much MY soundtrack.
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  • #IsThisLove
  • I can only do this once, I reckon, so in 28 days there had to be only my very favourite Love Songs. This is as close to perfect as I am likely to get, too, and it’s not just the sappy, overly romantic stuff that makes the cut. There’s a little bit of everything, tucked in here.
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MARCH 2018


  • #Sprung
  • It didn’t seem so for a while but Winter is over and now, look at that, things are beginning to grow again. Therefore, it was the appropriate moment for a playlist that celebrated all of the good stuff, and conveniently forgot snow and ice and all the horrible stuff that could still turn up and ruin the party.
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APRIL 2018


MAY 2018


  • #Atmosphere
  • Music for most people is words too, but for May I decided that words were, in the main, irrelevant to the melody. So, here we have a bunch of largely ambient backdrops, arranged to match the cycle of night and day. Consider it a 31 day Chillout Zone.
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JUNE 2018


  • #oldskool
  • Oh yes, the Summer of 2018, when Britain sweltered and increasingly people grasped that Global warming really WAS a thing and not something a bloke with bad hair claimed didn’t exist. For the Summer, we gave you 30 tracks as a reminder that people like to write about long, hot nights and all the passion and drama those moments create. Basically, these are the best Summer tunes. Accept no substitutes.
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JULY 2018


  • #Anthemic
  • It’s the month before we take a break and go on Holiday, and so, this is 31 utter and totally BANGING floor-fillers. Guaranteed to make you dance all over the place OR YOUR MONEY BACK. Okay, I didn’t actually take any money off you, but I can dream, right?
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Pumpkin Spiced

  • #PumpkinSpiced
  • We did it for the Spring, and now with Autumn very much inescapable, it will happen again. 30 sings about wrapping up warm, beginnings and ends, and all points in-between, meant to be listened to whilst you cuddle a mug of your favourite beverage and eat a favourite biscuit…
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Bangers and Mash

  • #OctoberMashUp
  • Possibly THE MOST FUN I’ve had with a playlist since we started. What’s not to like? It’s lots of people’s stuff, all recreated in new and different ways (or in some cases just the same, but undoubtedly different.) Mostly, it’s a reminder that nothing is original, we’re all derivatives, and you can make whatever the hell you like with music.
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The 'Symphony' OST

  • #SymphonyHaiku
  • 31 pieces of music, especially chosen to counterpoint this selection of Haiku, posted via Instagram and the IoW Twitter feed. A very special selection, and quite possible one of my finest moments of audio/visual crossover. We may never see the like of this again…
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#soundtracking december 18

  • #TheMainAdvent
  • 25 Christmas Crackers, and then a week to build up to FIREWORKS and the start of a New Year. Promise I won’t use the same songs in December 2019. NO REALLY I DO…
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