I did promise myself I'd spend more time sticking stuff here, and as we're halfway through September, I haven't forgotten. My biggest problem right now is time, and managing it effectively so that everything gets done in something approximating a realistic order. However, I'm finding that if I shove all the exercise into the start … Continue reading Charge

All or Nothing At All

Not the most rubbish of backdrops...All told, not posting for three weeks isn't as hopeless as I thought it might be.Normally this means I just can't be arsed with admitting I'm failing with real life and not coping with depression, but in both these cases that's not actually the default state of late. It does … Continue reading All or Nothing At All

Playlist :: Four Sides :: Fire

Ouch.I am only a day late, which considering that yesterday was a Bank Holiday and half the family's been ill in some form or another since Good Friday isn't all that bad really. This playlist's been done for a while too, and I have one more to sort before we attempt to get down to … Continue reading Playlist :: Four Sides :: Fire

Playlist :: Four Sides :: Air

The best laid plans...Oops, I did it again ^^Yeah, eventually I will get back to my writing, but for now I am firmly entrenched in Easter Holidays and actually, I think this is the way I'd rather have things. I'm spending more time with the kids and less time on the PC, except today which … Continue reading Playlist :: Four Sides :: Air