Back to Life

Now the excitement of NEW CONTENT has died down, and there’s an undoubted sense of being better organised, it is time to look at finishing off a ton of stuff that’s been left hanging or simply not completed. That includes the EX/WHI restart, a ton of back end archiving and deciding what of my various pieces of historical fanfic get the nod for publication. After that? Well, that’s a very good question.

Next week is when I begin May planning, which seemed reasonably impossible back in March which is now officially about a decade ago in perceived brain time. Tomorrow I have a photography project to finish for Patreon, which will be archived here and you’ll be able to see at the beginning of next month. I’ve decided to do these every four weeks, as long as it is practical for me to take pictures.

I’m looking forward to the day I can plan trips to places further than a walk away.


I’ve produced some unexpected results from what had been originally planned as a fairly static project: it appears that Precarious Epithet is the gift that may well end up giving far more than just the content that composes it. It has also been an interesting test run for the possibility that, should I pull together enough patrons, that the production of the LANzine could end up being bi-weekly.

If that does happen, it will undoubtedly me useful to be able to disseminate older issues to a wider audience, with Patreon becoming the test bed for this original content. That dream, however, is some way away, but there’s already confidence that I can keep the wheels of production whirling for the foreseeable future. We can also diversify too, into photography-only projects and poetry with multimedia accompaniment…

Suddenly, there are a lot of options that were no previously available to me. It is going to take a while to get my head around all of those, but not only will it happen, but you can guarantee potential is about to be grasped with both hands.

The future remains mine to embrace and improve.

Love What You Do

I’ve learnt a lot in the past year. Most of that’s come in the form of just how much time things take to work out the way you want them. Therefore, planning early and often has become the watch phrase. It means I’ve cheekily skipped last week’s episodic fiction to ensure the next part of the story is told properly, and in the way it needs to be. Most of you won’t notice the changes happening, of course, but for me they are life savers.

That means February’s mostly planned. Paper Hearts is gonna be my Instagram project: bit of poetry, some photography, nothing too fancy. Some days, just gonna be words. I like the idea of not being totally focussed on imagery this time. However, there has to be a LOT of work on the other parts of my equation, and now there’s no immediate timescale around certain projects, this can all be achieved in a far less stressful environment.

February also has some things to look forward to on top of the scheduled.


It’s Time to Talk day on February 6th (effectively two weeks from now) and there will be many words in my various places online during that period. I’ve also booked a creative writing workshop for the following week, so there’s something more to talk about than my own projects. Plus, there is the aborted from this month Video Content that will finally see the light of day.

Also, we get a SUPER BONUS FREE DAY on the 29th that isn’t normally there at all and it would be a foolish woman who did not plan something special for that. So I will, except as of right now I am not entirely certain what this thing will be. It’s going to be clever and massive and may actually involve tea (both beverage and mealtime) now I come to think of it and OH YES THAT’S A BRILLIANT IDEA…

Better go write this down whilst I remember it…


Oh look, it’s September: how time flies when you’re working non stop instead of actually being on Holiday… there were some breaks for enjoyment, and the last week has been the most relaxation managed all month, if truth be told. However, it is BACK TO WERK tomorrow with an early start and ALL THE POETRY to return to what is still technically Summer until the 23rd. What can you expect? Let’s break it down:


Blue Sky Thinking.png

Poetry now also happens every Monday because a) I need the practice and b) this site deserves more original content. The best ones may (where rules allow) be used for contests, but I won’t tell you if or when that happens. This is important, repetitive exercise just like those push ups and lizards at the Gym. Do them often enough, and you get good.


Pictures at an Exhibition

Also, photography needs some thought and effort. Those holiday photos require uploading to Flickr before some of them get recycled as personal blog headers. As a result, there should be a post a week about pictures because it’s the effort required to start taking more care of what gets seen, plus the impetus to push me out to other places as inspiration. The World is what I make it, after all…


Write Now

To round off the triumvirate of new features: Wednesday is the day we’ll talk about writing generally. Whatever takes my fancy will be fair game. It’s the reminder that I take Thursdays off to do just this, and there needs to be more thought about process and WHY stuff happens than is actually the case. There also ought to be some effort to try and plough through my backlog of books…

THURSDAY THE MAGIC HAPPENS so no blogging, okay?




We are currently two weeks behind on episodic fiction (I tried, it wouldn’t happen but last night the breakthrough came) so we’ll soon be back on track. The backlog will be posted as we head though this week and I’ll also be updating this ‘logo’ at some point to something far better, so watch out for us getting back on track. It’s a salutatory reminder of why routine really matters, and why holidays are clearly counter-productive…


Poetry from Twitter gets reposted. I’m slowly working through the old stuff, re-editing where needed, improving where required. It’s a constant work in process, literary equivalent of painting my own personal Forth Road Bridge, with all the Iain Banks significance that drags with it. It is now more reassurance than chore, and the means by which sanity stays front and centre. There’s also some REALLY good work in there.

The more I think about it, the more confident I become that this IS good work.

If you don’t believe me, come start reading the Blog regularly and make the decision for yourself.

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