Shut Up

Let me tell you a story, this sunny Monday, of how words can set you free. In an attempt to try and kickstart my writing career, I took a course at the local Community College. It remains a very Victorian building on the outside, but vastly modern within, and is exactly how you'd imagine … Continue reading Shut Up

Find Time

The Internet has changed my life. It has been a long, often painful progress, but since 1992 (when our first dial up modem was purchased) a phenomenal amount of crucial, life changing events have taken place online. Many of those moments had the air of fiction about them, on reflection. Visiting a number of pen-pals … Continue reading Find Time

Silence is Easy

After yesterday's post, I realise there is an important coda that needs to be heard. Sometimes, talking to people you trust on the Internet¬†can make everything better, especially when you're alone and lost. To every one of those 44 people who took time out of a busy day to find me a GIF, or … Continue reading Silence is Easy

If Leaving Me is Easy

Yesterday, instead of writing (as I'm spending a whole month on NaNo) I had a day of making. I have two types of friends at present: those who will be really pleased that I made their Christmas present for them, and those who wish I'd bought them some alcohol... or a gift token, or … Continue reading If Leaving Me is Easy

Communication Breakdown

Those of you paying attention will know that yesterday was my 51st Birthday. These events are often odd affairs: I can remember my 40th as one of the darkest periods of my life, whilst a decade on I was in Paris, with my family and staying in the fanciest Hotel I'd ever experienced. As human … Continue reading Communication Breakdown