Get Smart

[This is being cc-d to all my Twitter feeds.] After developing a fairly adverse reaction to my existing course of medicine (to treat a chest infection) I spent some time at the Hospital yesterday, and am now on new drugs. However, it will be some time before body returns to some semblance of normality, which … Continue reading Get Smart

Walk Away

I've decided, after being diagnosed with a chest infection, to take a short break from daily posting. I will still be working on Short Stories during this time, and hope to have the first completed for publication on Friday. Normal scheduled content will continue to be posted on Twitter. Hopefully, I'll be all better by … Continue reading Walk Away

Health Advisory

If you've been paying attention, you'll know I have a medical issue that's now become something that requires fairly swift intervention. As a result, I may be in Hospital for surgery as early as next week, but it is more likely that I'll be dealt with around the 16th. This had the potential to but … Continue reading Health Advisory