Write Off :: The Day before You Came

Occasionally, you come across something that you don't remember writing.ย That is the case with this week's piece, sitting in a folder that had a bunch of house correspondence in it. It was produced for a writing challenge on Livejournal, and if the save date on the file is correct, produced in May 2004. What makes … Continue reading Write Off :: The Day before You Came

Secret Messages

Before I leave the 1990's behind for good, there is one story that is worth repeating. It's not well known, and is the basis for a love affair with computing and the Internet which has failed to diminish over the last twenty years. It began on the back of unabashed fandom obsession for a TV … Continue reading Secret Messages

Mulder and Scully

The year is 1995. My boyfriend (now husband) and I are living together, and decide to go to the USA for a holiday, to stay with people I'd met via the Internet. The early days of Usenet are an incredibly significant part of my life, that I really don't like to talk about at all. … Continue reading Mulder and Scully

First Steps

A lot of my earliest memories are garbled affairs: I can remember the Moon Landing in 1969, fallout during Three Day Weeks and making up games based on Rentaghost during break times on the Primary school playground. However, there is clarity when it comes to learning the recorder (playing in front of the whole school … Continue reading First Steps

The Ninth Wave

Little light, shining...The best laid plans normally mean my personal life suffers whenever Real Life gets overwhelming. As you will have noticed, I'm now behind on my Playlists. Hell, I'm behind on most things this week, but with Easter coming I have a chance to restore some much-needed balance. I've been quite ill by my … Continue reading The Ninth Wave